Daughters Of Destiny Character Analysis

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With "Daughters of Destiny", Netflix portrays the story of Shanti Bhavan, a residential school in India founded by Abraham George, whose objective is to improve education and break the cycle of poverty of families from the lowest caste, "The Untouchables". Throughout the series, the viewer is introduced to five different girls and their daily struggles living in between two completely different worlds; Shanti Bhavan, where they have access to many resources, and their villages, where their families live without access to any of the comforts they experience at the school. In addition to educating the audience on the educational issues in India, "Daughters of Destiny" also teaches many life lessons, the strongest and most powerful ones being…show more content…
One example of this would be Karthika, who always dreamt about becoming a human activist and speaking up for those who had no voice, but struggled with the discrimination she faced during her college years, due to her attending to a school where the majority of people came from upper castes. Despite feeling miserable when hearing all the disrespectful comments her classmates would say about her, she continued studying hard and trying her very best to succeed in all of her classes, so she could achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer. This is a perfect example of perseverance because even though she suffered with the discrimination coming from her college classmates, instead of simply quitting the course and becoming something else, like many others would do, she simply decided to turn her suffering into her fuel, her pain into her motivation. In addition to that, even though at times she felt discouraged and out of place, as if she didn't belong there, she didn't allow the difficulties she encountered on her journey to stop her from chasing her dreams. In the end, all her sacrifices were worth it, since she

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