Summary Of Robert Friedman's Psychodynamic Group Therapy

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Thesis: Male survivors of rape and sexual abuse will struggle with their traumatic experience due to gender stereotypes and male socialization and make it difficult for them to express themselves. Friedman, R. (1994). Psychodynamic group therapy for male survivors of sexual abuse. Group, 18(4), 225-234. The author, Robert Friedman conducted a psychodynamic group therapy for male survivors of sexual abuse. This group ran for three years in New York, it consisted of members that have survived incest, rape, and childhood sexual abuse. Despite there not being many research on treatments and therapy on male sexual abuse the author used past studies to help him with his program. Friedman uses both psychodynamic group therapy and individual therapy…show more content…
Male survivors in Minneapolis Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center requested this group that ran for a year. The group was made in hopes that the members learn about how their trauma affects their functioning, decrease their symptoms, and improve their way of life. A female and male co-therapist ran the group, this allowed the male survivors to interact and communicate with both sexes. The group ran for a year and it allowed the men to develop trust, learn about the impact of their rape, and reduce their symptoms of PTSD. Like the other articles, this one stressed the importance of knowing how these men have to deal with society’s stereotypes and their traumatic experience. It was extremely detailed about what happened each month and how the group members progressed. This article showed how having co-therapist of both genders can help men cope with different subjects as well. It was interesting to see how the men gave more details about their rape with the female therapist than the male. However, this article should have spoken more about how solider characteristics, cause more problems for these men since that cannot express fear or be seen as weak in the

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