Globalization: The Global Impact Of Globalization In Business

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What is Globalisation? We live in a world where the advancement of technology took a big leap to meet the rapid demand and supply of the markets, on the local and international levels. These demands are initiated from customers, end users, and businesses, and handled by vendors to provide the needed product or service. Separated by wide geographical distances, and yet, seems so close to acquiring what we need. This is just the tip of the iceberg on the global effect of globalisation. Globalisation is the global interconnectedness of culture, politics, economics, manpower, ideas and technologies. It was defined by Inda & Rosaldo (2002, pp 1-34) as 'The intensification of global interconnectedness, suggesting a world full of movement and…show more content…
This definition refers to the metaphor on how the world became like a small village, and how the geographical barriers, even if they existed on the ground, they are virtually had vanished from the minds. Water Malcolm discussed three major points about globalisation that concerns the economic, political and cultural aspects. Globalisation in Business Being a part of the Supply Chain department under the Procurement division, gave me a distinctive advantage to be exposed to local and international vendors, and the way how we use the technology to communicate with these vendors who might reside on the other side of the world, or the way how the vendors deliver the order in a timely matter if needed, through a difference transportation methods, is a very clear example of how globalisation is playing a big role in business. This is but a simple example, which will be used to explore some of the aspects and impacts of globalisation that is involved in this transaction. Globalisation and…show more content…
Imports and exports of goods and services were not the only thing that was traded; but also the culture of that entity had moved with it. We can find a “Made in China” print on lots things around us, and MacDonald restaurant around the world in the major cities. These businesses had to adapt to the culture of the countries and societies they were involved with; while MacDonald serves sake’ in Japan or peer in Germany, these alcohol beverages are prohibited in other countries like Saudi

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