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2.3. Types and structure of families According to, (Newman, 2006) for the existence of the society there will be social institution like education, politics and law, military, religion, health care and family. Family is one of those institutions existed among the society because family is the bases for the foundation the society. Therefore, family is basic social group united through bonds of kinship or marriage, and present in all societies (Zastrow, 2014). From the general understanding to, (Benokraitis 2014) family in an ideal world it protects the family members and makes strong socialization to its members. As, (Parnell, 2004), says that family is making up of a family group based on the relationship of family members. Any family has…show more content…
According to ,(Parnell ,2004) and as it also cited by (Lamm, 1995), there are function of family such as procreation (bearing child), physical care ( food, cloth, shelter ), socialization, emotional support (protection), regulation of sexual behavior, affection and companionship, and provision of social status (Parnell, et al., 2004). The function of family meets the need of individual members of the family of and emotional and security (Benokraitis, 2014, keller, 1998, Patterson, 2002). According to, (Gill, 1995 and Harris, 1993), in order to continue of the generation the function of family is essential through reproduction, and socialization of family. In the life of family and for its existence sexual relationship, economic cooperation, among members is also important. Even if families differ in structure, all perform similar function, as (Kunze cite , 2010), in 1930 Sociologist Ogburn mentioned seven functions of families such as economic security, social perspective and status, education and socialization of children, protection, religious tradition, recreation and affection. Almost all families are practices these function to be sustained as family. The functions of each family may be family formation, support each others, socialization as well as become protection to one another and also to serve the society at large (Patterson ,2002). On the other hand as liven cited by, (Shaffer, 2002), the family has goal for its children like survival, economic and self actualization in the life of their children. This may be in all types of family in the world which could be common for

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