Personal Narrative Essay: How I Changed My Life

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I’ve never revealed this story to my friends. I was afraid of how my reputation could have been impacted if they had known the conflict I dealt with. Typically, they’d joke around calling me “emotionless” and, saying I have never had to fight with myself because of this. Even today I can still be quite shy and reserved. However, thinking back to the memory that still shrouds my mind every once and a while, I still wonder what would have happened if I had chosen another path. Almost seven years previously from today, I made a decision that drastically changed my life from that point on. I groaned as I was thrown onto my backside for about the third time during football practice. My head was consumed by sweat as if I had just run a marathon.…show more content…
First of all, my mother was the person to sign me up for football in the first. It had nothing to do with my interest in playing the sport whatsoever. At the time, I cackled to myself thinking about this sport was simply too demanding. Suddenly, I thought to myself the benefits and fun times I had while playing the sport. Although in school I typically was very shy and had a very small number of friends, football helped me expand this group due to our interest in the sport itself, not just playing it. I glanced at my hand for a brief moment. It was covered in crusty dust and red paint. My bulldog penny also happened covered in these substances. My friends had always said I’m not great at expressing my emotions while at school. While that happened to be true, from what I remember, football was the balance to this. Football allowed to express my struggles with embarrassment, awkwardness and being bullied. It brought my inner my animal, the spirit of lion feasting its eyes on its incoming prey. On a tackling drill, when the coach blew his loud and quite annoying whistle, I busted out towards my target as quick as an NFL sprinter. I would use all of my weight and momentum to easily bring down the nimble ball carrier. These minutes of thought were probably some of the most important thoughts in my life even

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