The Importance Of Social Media In Education

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Introduction The modern world in which we live today is often known as Generation Z. This generation has been the most influential of all. The use of modern technologies or gadgets and social media increases and boost. Social media has become pervasive and has a huge impact on the students today. Social media serves as the communication tool in which people use to communicate and interact with other people and their peers to share information and ideas that can be used in the facilitation of teaching and learning process. Examples of this are blogs, wikis and media used for audio, photo and text. Facebook is also included in example; it is used as networking platforms and sharing tools (Kristen Tarantino, Jessica McDonough & Ma Hua, 2013).…show more content…
The overall goal of education according to Vygotsky is to generate and lead development which is the result of social learning through internalization of culture and social relationship. With the fast advancement of technology nowadays, the teachers that will serve as the facilitator of learning and learner as an active participant support a constructivist theory. Wherein the teachers and students can work together to create a harmonious relationship between them and the understanding of particular topic will become easy for them through the use and help of social media. Social media as used for educational purposes can be beneficial for every student like us because we or they can use it in multiple ways. First is social media enhances peer interactions which establish an open lines or communication between the learners and teachers. Second is that it facilitates knowledge that is being transferred between the students and creates a deeper sense of understanding about the certain topic. According to the theory of Vygotsky which he is best known is called the Zone of Proximal Development. In this concept, it says that with the help of teachers, adults or even children who are more advanced than the other children, students can master the ideas and concepts that they cannot understand on their own. Social media…show more content…
Examples of these social media are blogs, wikis and media used for audio, photo and text. Facebook is also included in example; it is used as networking platforms and sharing tools. When it comes to blogs, one of the best known and most popular blogging platforms is what we called Wordpress, it is characterized by an absolute functionality, allowing users to design their own blog using multiple design and themes and it is offered freely so that anyone can use it. Another is what they called Wiki; it is the collection of Web pages. It is simple in a way that anyone can use it. It is unique from other collaborative tools because the users can edit it, they can add or delete according to their desire including the work or contribution of others (Kolokytha, E., Loutrouki, S., Valsamidis, S., & Florou, G. , 2015). Facebook is also an example of this. Based on what I saw and read Facebook has its features namely: news feed, timeline, wall, user’s profile, status, friends, photo tagging, application and discussion board. According to Facebook Web sites statistics, there are than 400 million active users from over 180 countries right now, more than 60 million status updates posted each day, more than 3.5 million photos uploaded each month (Facebook, 2010). In that case, it could

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