Impact Of Social Media In Learning English

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Abstract In the beginning, I'd like to present that social media is main element in modifying the way people communicate, get information, and teach others. People continue discovering social media behaviors and new tools to help each other. This principle lies in the very essence of improving college students attitude toward learning English in Riyadh. The aim of this research is to show the efficiency of the social media on improving college students attitudes towards learning English in Riyadh colleges. The questionnaire has presented to have a positive and advisable effect on improving college students attitudes towards learning English and on the enhancement of teaching productivity. Introduction Social media can be one of the most useful…show more content…
It is indicated that social media plays in improving trends toward learning English language. The appearance of social media has changed several generations of students in dramatic ways. Social networks and YouTube have made it easy for students to think about the different aspects of life around them. Now, individuals can communicate with each other’s without taking care about the direct feedback of face-to-face interaction. It is possible to have personal pages and talk about themselves with the manner they want. Webcams and YouTube facilitate the process for students to broadcast their lives to the outside world. This ability to communicate facilitates the learning process. Therefore, performing this study will help in enriching the literature available about social…show more content…
The questionnaire results highlighted the fact that all teachers social media to prepare for new lessons, design the teaching material, gather information about new lesson, prepare worksheets and others. The same idea was highlighted to claim that social media is an effective teaching tool that helps to facilitate and monitor cooperative activities; review changes and enhance English language learning. After the teachers had aware of social media, they were able to prepare lesson plans, they provided positive feedback about the tool claiming that it is beneficial, time-saving and enjoyable. It was also characterized as a good opportunity to share knowledge and ideas as well as explore new teaching methods. The ability to improve collaborative planning, save time and enhance motivation through social media. Having social media has proven to serve teaching purposes and enhance collaborative lesson planning as it was suggested. The analysis of the social media text analysis showed that the participants used the tool to address the problems they face during teaching, get an inquiry and ask for advice. In addition, the teachers exchanged lesson materials and shared their lesson plans. These results are consistent with many

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