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Understanding Physical Education Standards Physical education has been taught around the world in many school since the 1800s as it is explain in the article “The Evolution of Physical Education”. A city in Ohio, Cincinnati, became the first school to develop this program in the United States in 1855. As years pass, physical education started to decrease their standards requirement for students. It started to become more easier and less competitive for students to pass the class. Physical Education standards in k-12 are inadequate in developing student’s total health because they lack rigor. Therefore physical education standard must enhanced to ensure that all students can reach maximum fitness levels. First, physical education in this generation…show more content…
In this article, “Importance of Physical Education in High School”, explains that physical education needs to be in school because it helps kids develop out of their comfort zone, improves their digestive processes, helps to relieve students stress, and doctors consider young patients to at least be active and healthy everyday. This is one of the reasons as to why physical education should be a mandatory class not only for high school, but also elementary and middle school students. Also, many kids who are really afraid, could get out of their comfort zone because they would do activity that involves having a partner or developing a team. Therefore, many kids would meet new people which will direct them to be more satisfied throughout. Overall, physically being active is important not only for health, but also for socialism. “Eliminating recess also can take away an opportunity for children to learn social skills”( “Should Elementary School Have Recess? Some Florida Parents Fight for Break”). This explains that students will have a difficult time getting to know each other if they can hardly be able to talk to each other because when your in class, you can’t talk to one another unless the teacher allows it. However, there are bounteous ways for students to interact with other students in and out of school. In addition, this could be a big advantages for shy students. In this reference “Sport Education”, it states, “ They benefit from being part of the team and develop more confidence. In the longer season, they have more time to improve. At risk students develop better social skills as a side benefit of learning sportsmanship and fair play”( ). This quote shows that many student could overcome the fear of being shy in physical education class because they get to interact with different people and be themselves. This is important to

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