Impact Of Globalization On Education

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Impact of Communication: Globalizing Higher Education Prof. Lalita Chandratre and Dr. Ramchandra Joshi Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek District Nagpur, Maharashtra State, India Abstract: Globalization has entirely altered the way in which the world operates. The hurdles that once stuck our ability to communicate and interact with people across the world have diminished. Globalization has become imbedded in all fields: education, government, economic, social. In this paper, the role of globalization on society will be evolved. Also, over the past few decades innovations in information technology have had a profound on the worldwide landscape as well as on the advancement of globalization. The modernization in information…show more content…
As the pace of this transform increases so does the need to address the impact of this process on culture and society. International Communication and Globalization provides an essential and timely survey of the zone. The contributors trace the enhancement of international communication while also offering new approaches to this complex and rapidly-growing field of media and communication studies. International Communication and Globalization is an important resource for all students of communication, media, and international relations. The first decade of the new millennium has been perhaps the most important period for mass communication in global world. The proliferation of television channels, FM radio stations, newspaper editions, special-interest magazines, multiplexes, websites, blogs and social networks on the Internet, and above all of telecom services providers and mobile telephony has been extraordinary. To keep pace with this growth there has been the growing of media training institutes in the world. However, research in media and communication studies has not been given the attention it deserves in academe or in the media industries. Market research in often does not go beyond counting heads and the segmentation of “target audiences” in terms of demographic and psychographics. Social science institutes/departments continue to overlook the need for research in media…show more content…
You might be wondering how Narada Muni has got anything to do with journalism. The Press Freedom Day almost coincides with the birth of the ancient rishi (sage) Narada, the day celebrated as Narada Jayanti among Hindus. In Indian mythology, Narada is visualized as the first journalist, the primary source of information among Gods. Narada was considered to be the first reporter or journalist of the whole universe . He knew the crux of journalism. His mastery over journalism and expertise in communication was shown when he gave tips to Yudhishtira on governance. At another occasion Narada told Yudhisthira that the power of the common people is totally based on how they are informed. They should know how things are going on all over the world. So a responsible ruler should make necessary arrangements to make people aware of the facts

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