Cfe Vs Aqe

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1. The Wisely concepts of relief, improvement, social reform, and creativity are accurately portrayed in the accomplishments of CFE and AQE. The consistent efforts of CFE and AQE paid off in 2007, when Governor Spitzer and the legislature enacted the New York State Education Budget and Reform Act. CFE and AQE leveraged creativity to keep the issues of public education visible and topically. For example, Robert Jackson first led a successful march from his apartment in upper Manhattan to the courthouse steps in downtown City Hall. Jackson organized another march, from Manhattan to Albany, a distance of 150 miles, to generate support for a favorable decision. Michael Rebell, opted to create a statewide campaign to improve the quality of education for all students in New York State. AQE brought a horse and buggy to symbolize how far back in time Pataki’s position would take education. Also, AQE protested organized a fourteen-stop 12th Grade Express tour of a yellow bus around the…show more content…
Today, people and organizations are using the power of social media to spread their ideas and gain support for their causes. Social media has proven to be so powerful that many businesses and nonprofit organizations have implemented it in their marketing strategies. People are able to share content and learn about causes important to them, while getting motivated to join others. CFE and the AQE can use social media to create a direct call to action and use a digital influence to boost their presence in the public eye. Encourage supporters to raise money or promote a fundraising campaign through their network. When you build a relationship with your audience, they can help you build relationships and spread the word about your cause with even more people. Social media is critical to connect with donors and volunteers for their contribution and it also allows them to know specifically how their gift will be used. Updates allow supporters to see the impact of their

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