Importance Of Social Media In Education

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Should social media be used as an educational tool? Well, think about it, if schools block social media from their wifi, students may be limited to their resources that could be useful in learning. Although schools block social media, schools should allow it to be used for educational purposes, because it can show the community what some of the upcoming events are, students already use it for a lot of different reasons like communicating with teachers and friends for help, and some apps can be used for educational purposes as well as social. First of all, using social media for schools could inform the community about things for the school. Schools could use Facebook to show; The upcoming events at a school, show fundraiser goals, and just have a little fun with it by sharing educational memes and sharing and activity that took place there.(Stribell) Our school also uses it for letting the public know what is going on during like lockdowns and other important issues. For…show more content…
For example, here are 3 ways that Students and teachers can use Instagram in the classroom; First of all, students could use it to imagine that they are a historical feature, and try to mimic what the historical figure’s page or posts may have looked like. This would be a good intro assignment to a unit about our presidents or government. Secondly, teachers or students could use it to record the steps of a science project. Something like taking a picture of a plant that they are tracking the growth of, or explaining their conclusion and posting it. Finally, teachers could document a student’s progress. At the beginning of the year, take pictures of a student’s work, then at the end take pictures of how a student would do the same assignment then. With the student’s consent, post it to show how hard this student has worked throughout the year.(Hudson) As explained, there are multiple ways for students to use Instagram in the

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