Problems Of Youth Education

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The present chapter highlights the study in retrospect. It summarizes the findings of the study that include the profile of the respondents, perception of youth towards problems and prospects on youth education, youth work (employment), youth health. Further, it also discusses the important conclusion of the study, suggested recommendation of the study, future research areas, social work theory and its implications towards youth empowerment. V.1. The Study in Retrospect The present study analyzed the main problems faced by the youth such as education, employment and health related problems in Senapati Distict, Manipur; and also studied the prospects of youth on the mentioned issues. Education is one of the main problems faced by the youths…show more content…
Defective education like commercialization of education; lack of vocational and skill education, misused of mass media affects the academic performance of youth. The bandh, blockades, and frequent strikes lead to indefinite closure of educational institutions. Unemployment is another significant issue of youth problems. Few educated youths got employment in central government but other has no chance in state government due to corruption and nepotism in job recruitment. The absence of industry and solely depending on seasonal agriculture product the youths face unemployment especially in hill areas of Manipur. In addition, health related concern like HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, and alcohol are the main problems faced by the youth. The available youth services provided by the Governmental Organisation like Nehru Yuva Kendra with meager budget focus on youth leadership programs, skill up-gradation, theme based awareness education programs, observation of National and state importance, etc. Few NGOs like Integrated Social and Institutional Development…show more content…
The study focus on various factors of educational problems like social factors such as conflict & insurgency, social media; institutional factors such as lack of vocational & skill education, economic factors such as commercialization of education. Secondly, it analysed the various factors of youth unemployment like unskilled/technical, seasonal/agricultural, educational, and social aspects like an insurgency. Thirdly it specifically studies on health problems related to youth like HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, and alcohol. Thus, the present study was conducted in Senapati district, one of the conflicts affected hill districts of Manipur. All total 350 youth respondeded to the questionnaire, ten indepth interviews to key informants and two Focus Group Discussion was conducted to youth club members and youth organisation leaders in order to obtain the problems and prospects of youth under the study

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