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Noise Pollution Caused by Cars Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Noise from vehicles may be caused by vehicle repairs, alarms fitted in cars, hoots and refrigerators parked in vehicles. There are a number of strategies that are employed to reduce the effects of noise pollution caused by vehicles and promote a positive behavior while using vehicles. This includes: legislations on high noise levels that aim at reducing noise and taking stern actions on those who violate the laws. This is done through imposing penalties to those who break the rules related to noise. The rule requires that horns be used when necessary, warning road users and animals (Agarwal, 2005). Proper driving ethics should be observed on roads. One should not drive…show more content…
Music played in vehicles should be of mid or high range that does not interfere with people in the immediate surrounding. Noise from vehicles has a significant impact on hearing of individuals and the overall coordination of activities in the normal ways of life. Improving buffer systems to curb noise from vehicles is a bold step in ensuring that noise pollution from vehicles is put in check (Agarwal, 2005). The overall noise pollution from other sources therefore can be reduced by ensuring that positive behaviors are adhered to. This may range from ensuring that children’s playing grounds are secluded from the immediate residential areas. Noise from children becomes very irritating especially when one has important discussions are to be held within the house. The noise also interferes with personal studies and should also be kept in check. Barking dogs that cause unnecessary noise in an area should be well taken care off to minimize the noise. It is very prudent that the canines that do unnecessary barking are taken to dogs’ care centers and given the right attention. The legislation such a those provided by noise free America would ensure that appropriate actions are taken against those whose canines make noise in the neighboring surrounding (Agarwal,

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