Character Analysis: The Great Gatsby

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1. I believe that the most crucial point in the book is that the main character of the story moves away from his family to be a bonds person out in the east. He comes out and he finds some old friends as well which leads up to some of the plot in the story. He finds a home to live in and he finds a job that at least pays him so that way the author of the book is able to get on to the actual story. 2. Nick describes himself as a person who doesn’t judge people for what they do especially to the man named Gatsby. He figures himself to be a well rounded man as he says in the novel. He finds himself to be humble by being able to read people but not wanting to do it for very long as most of the time people have secrets that are too heavy to bear.…show more content…
Nick is someone who is not known for wealth so while everyone else there is pretty wealthy Nick is a bondsman. 3. Nick finds that he actually like Gatsby he just doesn’t know it until Gatsby actually has to identify himself as the man who he has been talking to. Nick in the story says that “I could see nothing sinister about him” which is helping the statement that he actually like Gatsby. 4. He learns that she is not very honest when it comes to things. She doesn’t really like to be careful when it comes to things as well especially. She also avoided clever and shrewd men because she was so dishonest when talking. 5. Nick would characterize the guests by looking by the groups that they were in. most of the wealthy people were in the groups together. While the other groups were together like athletes were with athletes and so on and so forth. 6. The way that nick is saying that the band played the song all of the men and Women were calm and peaceful as well as together. Nick is pretty much saying that during that time the song of Jazz was a very comfortable song to listen to and to be

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