The Importance Of Change In My Life

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Change is inevitable and a plethora of people are afraid of change but they unknowlying love change because change keeps things interesting. If life lacked change it would be monotonous and lackluster. There are some things in life that force us to make drastic changes, completely cut a new path for ourselves. I am not unfamiliar to change. In my life I have moved quite a bit and each time that I moved to a different state, region, or school, I was able to reinvented myself and discover a different side of me with each of my new locations. A person can not completely reinvent themselves because some things about a person stay the same regardless of your new surroundings. In the seventh grade there were a series of events that forced me to…show more content…
I joined the cross country team because I had really wanted to be invested in something that year. I wanted to find my thing, the thing that people would identify me with because I was so passionate about it. Another reason for this interest was because my mom’s work schedule ran one to two hours after school got out and there was no school bus districted to my area and it was too long of distance for me to walk. I was utilizing cross country as my daycare service. This was the very first step to reinventing myself finding something I was passionate about but I learned soon that running was not my passion. Through cross country I had met this girl named Natalie. Natalie is and was the kindest person I had ever met. She was so kind to everyone and she gave a chance to anyone and everyone even despite those who had nasty rumors swirling around them. She is and was who I aspired to be. She just had so much love inside of her and was ready to give it to anyone who needed it. This was a milestone in reinventing myself because I had decided I needed to change but I didn’t know who I wanted to change into and discover natalie gave me the answer as to who I wanted to

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