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2.1 Style The concepts of ‘style’ and ‘stylistic variation’ in language refers to the fact that even in the same system, the same language item can be formulated and combined in a variety of different ways. This concept is applied at all levels of language may it be literature, linguistics, syntax and so on and stylisticians are responsible for analyzing this unique style of writing across that text. Generally speaking, researchers may regard style as a choice from the general pool of language available which deviates deliberately or unconsciously from the normal or classical usage of language. Stylisticians allow language users a wide berth of autonomy. In fact, a British researcher ventured as far as to say that all users of languages have…show more content…
They suggest that a list of few words, acronyms and informal register components cannot assume to take over formal language or even hasten the death or decline of it. For instance, according to the Pew Research Centre Report a large majority of teachers voted for the positive influence of internet on students' overall language skills seeing SNS and texting. They said that because of these tools students have at least developed a personal expression (albeit informal), are creative, are into writing for people to read on forums and have generally learnt to write for more genres than their ancestors. Several blog writers and researchers such as Mallary Jean Tenore of the Poynter Institute's site write that social networking is beneficial for students' writing expression. She reports on a discussion by a panel whose members were from the digital communication commerce and culture University of Baltimorea and concludes that contradictory to popular belief, users of social media are corrected on wrong spelling, are segregated on the basis of their language usage, encourages concise writing and brings about the natural neologism and evolution in…show more content…
Several contemporary researchers are nowadays unwilling to agree on the fact that informal language may have some detrimental effects on academic/formal language. They have already accepted the fuzziness between the boundaries of the two styles so that they no longer consider the shift an issue however when a teacher faces troubles such as the inability of a to spell simple words (for they had never the necessity to learn them because they had the spell checks autocorrecting them) or the inability of a student to a capitalize a letter at the beginning of a sentence or his/her inability to punctuate or use basic grammatical rules, contractions and abbreviations simply because he/she uses such language on social networking sites, the academic language dies a natural

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