The Importance Of Recycling

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Recycling essay Alexandra Wilson 7C The world population is increasing drastically every day, this means that there are more needs to be met as well as more waste products but we still need to keep our environment clean. Recycling is the process of collecting, separating as well as using old materials to make new products. Most things that we use daily for example paper that is a pastel colour or that is plain white and that does not have ink on it. This paper is used to make newspaper, toilet paper and cardboard. Some things for example polystyrene and cardboard that has grease stains on it cannot be recycled because the sorting plant is not set up to deal with these materials. It is important to recycle as the population is so large that there will not be enough resources for everyone if we have to use different resources to make new products but by recycling we are producing materials faster, using less energy and saving money and so the materials become more effective and at the same time they are…show more content…
If there is less air pollution there will be less global warming because the earth has been contaminated by us, humans, and we don’t realize that this resolves in negative consequences for both us and the world such as climate change. Recycling also reduces the use of toxic chemicals which helps prevent toxic materials that can flow threw water and the air, this can kill the wildlife, so recycling is also important as it saves the wildlife and decreases the amount of water pollution. We also need to recycle as it reduces the need to damage forests, wetlands, and other places as we do not need as many materials to fit our needs as well as our

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