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The Impact of Sleep Deprivation to the Study Habits of the Selected Freshman Business Students in Silliman University The college experience is of great value in providing young adults with an organized environment in which they can gain the skills, comprehension, and independence to make their own path, become successful, and contribute to society. However inadequate study habit is also easily found on college students. There are many reasons why they have low grades. One cause of having bad study habits is having friends that can cause peer pressure, which will make you to have bad studying habits which will result to have small grades. Second example would be having not good teacher. Having teacher that who is not good in teaching would…show more content…
It is also connected to how well a student does in school and the student’s well-being. Losing sleep would give school-goers a hard time in solving problems due to difficulty in remembering things. A large number of students usually do all-night study to prepare them for final exams. Ironically, doing all-night study could work against the all-nighters performing better. This is because your abilities that were supposed to be helping you in studying are not functioning well due to lacking of sleep. Hence, among these causes, sleep deprivation is the primary cause of bad study habits of the selected freshman students because of daytime sleepiness, impaired brain activity and weakened immune system. This paper presents the discussion of the effects of sleep deprivation on the study habits of freshmen business students in three parts. The first part discusses about the dysfunction of body and brain caused by daytime sleepiness and its results to the students. The second part elaborates how being sleep deprived can decrease attentiveness and increase memory loss due to impaired brain activity. The final part is about weakened immune system resulting from lack of sleep and its effects on the health of the
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