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Reasons for the slow progress in recycling of construction and demolition waste in India are a. The lack of awareness amongst the general public about the problems associated with the uncontrolled disposal of waste over many generations, waste has been viewed as something that is not fit for further use and must be discarded or destroyed. The resulting environmental, health and economic problems are not usually well documented or publicized, so that public awareness of these problems is often very limited. Quite often the reaction to such information is indifference and inactivity, even amongst the public authorities and this attitude became counterproductive. b. The lack of public acceptance that wastes as valuable resources. In India, handling waste has the lowest status in the society and is left to socially underprivileged groups. Therefore the notion that wastes could have any value does not exist. Hence the idea of separating wastes into different fractions at the…show more content…
The ease of disposing of waste legally or illegally. There is often no pressure on people who dispose of their waste wherever they please. Even if there is legislation against such practice, in most cases there are no negative consequences for non-compliance. In many countries there are no fees for disposal in landfills or the fees are too low to encourage waste minimization, separation and recycling. e. The lack of a clear construction and demolition waste management policy. Many government agencies are still in the process of developing guidelines and regulations for construction and demolition waste management. In most cases, construction and demolition waste is only a part of municipal solid waste and also treated as such, without taking the special requirements of deconstruction, separation, decontamination, reprocessing, and other activities into consideration. Since there is no clarity on these issues, there can be no effective construction and demolition waste

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