Importance Of Waste Management

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Why waste management is a global concern? Introduction Waste management is a method to manage the waste in order to avoid future problems related to affecting human health and the environment. Waste management and disposal issues are not just problem of a certain country or a continent. It is a global issue which should be addressed immediately. The importance of waste management was discussed formally for the first time in the Basel Convention, which is an international treaty. Waste management is important because it is one of the best preferred ways to achieve sustainable development. There is no single city without waste production. There is waste everywhere, but it depends on how each government and the citizens of the country deal with…show more content…
Air pollution and water contaminations leads to respiratory disorders such as lung cancer, breathing problem and water borne diseases such as typhoid and diarrhea respectively. The electronic waste such as batteries contains nickel and cadmium, floppy disk contains chromium and this kind of hazardous substances leads to toxic effects on the nervous system, kidneys, liver, skin, heart and reproduction (Rushton, 2016). People living by landfill sites have more exposure towards health issues due to waste disposal. According to Rushton (2016), there were several issues of health problems in one of the known landfill site known as Love Canal in New York State, in prior to 1930s there was huge disposal of toxic materials and in 1940s there were development of settlements nearby and in mid 1970s there were chemicals leaking resulting in polluting streams and soils and indoor pollution which leads to birth defects and reproductive…show more content…
If the waste disposal is not taken care when it is in a small scale only, then it might cause a huge global issue such as volcanoes, floods and drastic climate change. At present we won’t notice many changes even though there are some noticeable issues especially in climatic conditions. There are new and harmful species developing for example, in Bhutan there was an issue of a new worm known as ‘army worm’, the army worm outbreak, which mostly affected the crops and the vegetables. According to National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC), about 90 percent of crops were damaged by army worms in 14 dzongkhags (Wangmo, 2013). Those issues created huge loss on the farmers who highly depend on agricultural works for their financial support. The problem of glacier outbreak and melting down of snows and ice due to climate change, leads to increase in water level which causes flood. This are all issues that are coming up and it will still continue. The source of this issues are from various type such as deforestation, mining, pollution (air, water and land) and many more and out of which waste disposal and incineration is one of the major source that should be controlled. In order to control those issues every country not just developed but also developing countries should have a

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