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IT technologies and marketing strategies can help improve communications and facilitate the smooth transfer of information across all phases of the supply chain. Marketing can make you want to go on vacation and decide where to go on vacation. Tactical and slim marketing is what drives many of our thoughts and actions. Without marketing, most of the causes or products would never receive the huge support they currently enjoy. The importance of marketing can not be denied and must be taken into account to raise awareness about the issue of solid waste management. Marketing should focus mainly on thinking creation. Marketing professionals can increase the importance of solid waste management and how people can be part of it. While there are many…show more content…
Thanks to the virtue of this system, India has one of the highest rates of recycling in the world. This represents a strong and unique challenge for entrepreneurs in the areas of solid waste management as most recyclable materials and economic value are processed by the informal sector. This leaves entrepreneurs only the organic and degradable waste component. Fortunately, there have been some innovative solutions for the disposal of organic and degradable…show more content…
When mixed with domestic waste, most electronic waste ends up in dumps or incinerators, releasing carcinogens and other toxins that cause cancer in the environment. While waste management is a major issue, it is also a great opportunity in India. According to a report published by the NOVONOUS Market Research Firm, the waste management market in India will have a value of $ 13,620 million in 2025. With the Swachh Bharat Mission aimed at more public-private partnerships with new companies and NGOs Working in this field, it is estimated that the national industry is growing rapidly. We list eight new companies that work to reach the goal of a future without landfills. Companies involved in Reduction, Reuse and Recycling, these startups are helping citizens and organizations from several Indian cities to manage their waste Saahas Zero Waste Born as an NGO in 2001, Saahas has evolved over the last decade into a for-profit business with the Saahas Zero Waste brand. Bangalore-based startup, backed by Indian Angel Networks and Upaya Social Ventures, today serves customers in Bangalore and Chennai. The social enterprise has diverted more than 15,000 tons of waste from landfills and currently prevents 25 tons of waste from reaching landfills on a daily

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