Save As Many As You Ruin Analysis

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”Save as Many as You Ruin” is a short story written by the author Simon Van Booy in 2007. It is set in the suburban of Manhattan, New York. There is no specific month being mentioned, but it is snowing so it takes place during the winter. The story takes place in mid to late 20th century. There is no exact flashbacks or flash-forwards during the story, but the main character is several times thinking back at something and almost telling about the situation in his mind. One of these memories are for an example, about his former gym teacher having to go to the Olympics back in 1939. It is written from the main characters point of view but narrated by an omniscient third-person, which means that the narrator have access to all characters’ thoughts and feelings throughout the story, as well as knowing their…show more content…
By using this technique, the reader’s perception of Gerard will constantly be changing throughout the story and it makes it difficult to establish a proper opinion when it comes to Gerard. During the story, Gerard’s age is never mentioned but based on the information that is given about Gerard; he is probably a middle-aged man. He lives together with his eight-year-old daughter. Lucy’s birth was not planned and when Lucy was half a year Lucy’s mother left her and Gerard to travel to Los Angeles then four years later she passed away. Gerard seem to be a simple man, who does not have any extraordinary interests. From time to time, he has casual hookups, but it never turns into anything serious since he is aware that he will never be able to love them. You get a feeling that his life is actually rather depressive and he is aware of his own inedible death. His love for his daughter is constantly brought up and it shows that even though things did not go as planned he made the best of the

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