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There is also a need to understand types of relationship the Public Relations offices have with their strategic publics. Hung (2005) outlined 8 modified continua of types of relationships namely exploitive, manipulative, contractual, symbiotic, exchange, covenantal, mutual communal and one-sided communal relationships. The study concluded that Public Relations people help the organization to pay more attention to its social responsibility by developing more communal relationship (the intention or motivation in thinking about the interest of others) than exchange relationship (one party provides benefits to the other with expectation that the other will reciprocate with some benefits in the future). RQ2: Understanding limitations faced by Public…show more content…
RQ3b: Do you manage your information and communications strategically? RQ3c: How do you contribute to strategic management process - in an environment and public scanning and analysis, in strategy formulation i.e. scenario building and improving ethics and social responsibility in Malaysian public sector, in strategy implementation i.e. build the relationship with the strategic public, and in strategic control. To what extent that Public Relations offices do evaluations on both the long-term and the short-term contributions of Public Relations programs and of the overall function of organizational effectiveness? It is also pertinent to understand the actual perspective of the strategic management towards Public Relations as it determines the functions of the office towards its organizations. This is to determine the value of public relations as a bridging activity for the organizations, its public and society. RQ4: Exploring the different views of Public Relations roles from the perspective of strategic management and the practitioners. RQ4a: To what extent the strategic role of PR differs from the view of PR practitioner and the dominant…show more content…
Finally, moving beyond the Grunig’s four models of public relations, this study is attempting to understand the level of technology usage in the public sector to communicate their messages to their publics. With the emergence of Web 2.0, especially social media, there is a new set of possibilities for the government to reach the public without spending much on their resources, but the way they utilize these tools could determine their actual intentions to their publics, thus could improve or tarnish the image of the government. Indeed, these platforms have changed the landscape of public participation in government policies and decision-making processes and this could lead to the creation of a new perspective of Public Relations roles for the government. However, according to Mergel and Bretshcneider (2013), social media handlers in the public sector operate in a gray area with standards that were last updated for the use of agency-owned Web sites or email traffic. This has resulted in the limitation of potentials as they have to adhere to existing regulations and not willing to take any unsanctioned

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