The Pros And Cons Of 4R Recycling

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INTRODUCTION Electronic waste or e-waste is described as electronic goods which no more can be used further for use, though it could be refurbished for further use. These goods could be recycled to do so. E-wastes are generated from used electronic and electrical devices such as cell phones, computers, personal stereos which includes large household appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, etc., which is not fit for original intended use and are meant for recovery, recycle or for disposal. E-wastes contain over 1000 different substances many of which are toxic and potentially hazardous to environment and human health if these are not handled in environmentally safe manner. The high rate of product obsolescence is…show more content…
At the back of the mind of a true leader, is the nagging thought of leading an initiative, a cause that will stand out in the crowd. After many years in the corporate world, creating worthy-of-mention milestones, the core team cashed on the idea of Recycling. Yes, Recycling has been a talk of the times in the recent days but, here is an organization that is bent upon putting their words and thoughts into actions. When the team saw opportunities of entrepreneurship in this field, they accepted the challenge with open…show more content…
It is unbelievable to visualize the size of e-Waste that is getting generated. As the world gets more technology savvy and as it gets smaller, all thanks to the World Wide Web, it is said that the telecommunications is going to experience a huge increase in consumption. Higher the consumption, higher the wastage. More the metal usage, the lesser there is, for the future. The world is moving towards scarcity of natural resources and work on finding alternates that could replace the existing ones, is not able to keep pace with the increased demand for electronics. Keeping such things in mind, 4R Recycling continued its research and study. They figured out and believed that the organization had some definite goals. One of them was to re-use end-of-life electronics. They also believe that their recycling activities, in a "formal", environmentally safe, government approved setup will help curb our e-Waste. 4R Recycling is moving ahead in terms of research and development to find new technologies that will increase the recovery of metals. They firmly advocate the adage - Energy saved is Energy

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