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In “How to Poison the Earth,” Linnea Saukko sarcastically crafts a step by step guide to destroying the planet humans intend to inhabit for the foreseeable future. Saukko explains the difficulty this task could prove due to the earth’s regenerative and “cleansing” capabilities. She outlines a plan of attack which is to start closest to core slowly working outward to the surface impregnating the earth with the exceptionally harmful byproducts of modern conveniences such as cars, power plants, and farming pesticides. Furthermore, Saukko highlights the importance of “contaminating” the “surface water” and “air around the earth” with day to day pollution and the distribution of radioactive particles into the the atmosphere with “nuclear test bombs” to secure maximum coverage. Saukko concludes that as long as essential environmentally harmful substances…show more content…
Everyday conveniences such as transportation, agriculture, and power production come at a price. Non renewable resources such as oil, natural gas, coal and uranium account for the majority fuels used in for energy production in the Unites States, however, that energy production also accounts for the highest air pollution percentages as well. The importance for clean renewable energy isn't only to cut down on the emission of air pollutants but also to sustain the standard of living that energy production has nourished. The recycling of disposable products is just as important as the recycling of energy so that it can be used again or repurposed. As the title Waste Management implies they are capable of managing waste not making it disappear, so preventing reusable items from entering landfills allow for less space to be contaminated over time. Until new standards for clean energy and waste alternatives have been developed earths occupants will just have to continue poisoning

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