Importance Of Recycle Process

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• Recycle Recycling is a resource recovery option for a part or the whole components of the product. These recovered resources may or may not be used by the original manufactures. The unused resources are sent to other industries as input resources. The concept of “Reverse Logistics Network Modelling” is used for an effective recycling process. There are two basic stages in the recycle process: i. Collection ii. Re-processing Environmental concern, cost reduction and waste disposal legislation are the underlying motivation for recycling of products. In the case of food products, the packets can be recycled if it is made of plastics. In case of beverages, the bottles are returned to the parent manufacturer, where the recycling process…show more content…
Importance of Reverse Logistics in the Indian food industry: As India is the second most populated country, the need of food reaching each and every citizen is at a high priority. Manufacturers have an additional burden of ensuring qualitative and quantitative supply of food to various corners of the country. Food wastage occurs at different stages of supply chain, starting from the harvest stage till it reaches the final consumer. In developing countries like India, 20% of the loss happens at harvest stage, 40% loss happens at post harvest stage and remaining 40% loss happens at retail and consumer stage (Report of Food Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, 2011). The reverse logistics entry into the Indian logistics network is relatively recent. Its importance shot up due to the intensive usage of electrical appliances and the approaches used by manufacturers. Application of Reverse Logistical concepts for food products helps in reducing food waste and making the logistics network effective and efficient. Increase in food wastage leads to hunger, poverty aggravation, emission of more greenhouse gas, environmental degradation and increased…show more content…
This would value the total Indian logistics sector at US$ 252 billion. Logistics companies are updating their technologies as time passes to increase their handling efficiency and speed, while cutting costs. Warehouse management systems are employing FIFO (First in First Out) services and at the same time FEFO (First Expiry First Out) services for handling products with limited shelf

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