Negatives Of Recycling

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Introduction- The damage that previous generations have managed to do to our planet has been immense. To assure that the future generations will have the opportunity to live on Earth, it is up to the future generations to restore the planet. Restoring Earth is very important for the existence of future generations since there is no other place to raise the human and animal kind. Decreasing waste and plastic production and consumption will be helpful for the health of the earth. According to The Royal Society Publishing, “one of the most ubiquitous and long-lasting recent changes to the surface of our planet is the accumulation and fragmentation of plastics” (Hopewell, Dvorak, Kosior). Is recycling plastic, glass, paper and decreasing the amount of waste in general landfills an effective method to reducing waste? In this essay, the effects of plastic, glass and paper on our planet will be discussed as well as the positives and negatives of recycling. Recycling will be questioned, to see if it is the most effective method. Recycling is one of the three most effective ways to preserve our earth. Even though it is not the most effective method, it is the most used method in our world so it will be the…show more content…
According to qoura, co2, s02 and NOx evaporate from molten glass and raw materials which can cause a release of particles in the atmosphere. C02, or carbon dioxide is caused by the combustion of natural gas/oil and the breaking apart of raw materials during melting. This is the only greenhouse gas caused by the making of glass. S02 is sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide is caused by the fuel and/or breaking down of sulfate in batch materials. S02 can contribute to an ongoing decrease in the PH levels of the earth's ocean and forming of SMOG. NOx or nitrogen oxides due to high melting temperatures. It can also be caused of decomposition of nitrogen compounds in batch materials. This can contribute to
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