The Importance Of Online Shopping

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The purpose of this research was to understand the determinants of young adults’ online purchase attitude and behavior to consumer electronic products. The utilitarian value plays a significant role in selecting a shopping Web site (Teo 2001; Grewal et al. 2004; Overby and Lee 2006, To et al. 2007). The results indicate that utilitarian shopping value for online shopping; such as convenience, affects attitude to purchase online most. The usefulness features of Web sites, ease in finding information about products, prices, make comparisons, convenience, and flexibility are antecedents of utilitarian motives young adults seek from online shopping which explains the high significance value of H4(a) . The variables like attitude toward online…show more content…
These findings are adequately supported by previous researchers based on the hedonic and utilitarian motivational aspect of shopping. (Childers et al.2001; Monsuwe et al., 2004). The positive significance of hedonic motives can be explained by the nonstop update of consumer electronic products online which can be improved effortlessly compared to traditional shops, as such providing consumers with the latest trends and fashions in terms of products. Also, the shopping websites allow people to interact with other e-shoppers and share similar experiences. Thus, by adopting online shopping, young adults in Mauritius will be able to take better shopping decisions and in case of ambiguity they can share their concerns with other peers who have confronted the same situation. The sense of adventure is also found to be a causal factor in explaining why young adults use the internet to browse for consumer electronic products. The experience of navigating through a totally new platform so as to select products which is equipped with multiple functionalities enhances young adults’s hedonic motivation. The findings corroborate researches, which suggest that websites features induce self gratification and enjoyment during online shopping (Wolfinbarger and Gilly, 2001; Childers et al., 2001).These imply that the convenience and product…show more content…
This can be explained by the fact that the current generation has been raised in the Internet era and is comfy with the newest technologies which thus justify the results of low significance of perceived risks (p ≥ 0.05) of young adults to online shopping. Also, this justifies further the strong significance of hedonic orientations online shopping. Young adult consumers in Mauritius are more fascinated and engrossed with the sense of adventure, social trend and status that online media shopping provides rather than fearing risks associated with product selection. Furthermore, the low significance of perceived risks is also explained by the fact that most web sites provide secure methods of payment such as Paypal and now consumers can shop online though prepaid cards even if they do not have a credit card. Hence, this limits perceived risk of shopping online and enhance the trust factor which is found to positively influence attitude to online shopping. Young adults` trust in paying value for money is further amplified since in this digital age, the consumer protection laws in the island are strengthening e.g. with the presence of Information & Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) and the Consumer Protection Unit. However, the study does not

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