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Overview of Customers and Brands behavior on Black Friday – A Case Study With the advent of internet; new traditions, events and trends have emerged in US society. Many big brands and business giants like Amazon, eBay ... have brought such events to the attention of consumers by offering great discounts and promotions via Internet. Black Friday is one such event which has become hallmark to start the ecommerce shopping season in US. Online shoppers wait for this season and try to get best deals before stocks are exhausted. Customers even wait in long queues for this money saving shopping opportunity. Owing to rapidly increasing importance of Black Friday for our valued ecommerce clients and marketers, we did a case study in which we analyzed…show more content…
There was no free shipping offer with good deals. 2. Price comparison was not available at website. 3. Website was not responding properly. 4. 25% said that deals were not good. Business Analysis Below are few of the insights who had a great business on black Friday:- 1. All of these retailers prepared for black Friday well in advance. They advertised there deals earlier than actual black Friday. Few of them opened their Black Friday deals at 8 pm previous night. However, Wal-Mart and Target faced pressure from their employees for spoiling their one fourth of the holiday. 2. These all retailers showed heavy social media presence. • Wal-Mart published 81 posts. • Amazon followed the suit with 60 posts. • Kohl’s published 54 times. 3. The posts which got viral were photos with relevant deal offer. Statistics of most engaging posts are as under:- • Wal-Mart most engaging post got 292,374 likes, 21,997 shares and 11,238 comments. • Toy R Us most engaging post got 32,742 likes, 1016 shares and 1,733 comments. 4. These brands also conducted black Friday hottest contest. The first two most engaging contests were of Toy R US and third contest was of…show more content…
Their face book page was quite active and mix of both positive and negative views was being posted. • For Amazon deals the sentiment of social media was positive. However, few criticized lack of response for customer’s questions. • EBay also responded to the customers questions well. 6. A Significant rise in facebook fans was observed for these brands. It can be used as a broad metrics to judge their social performance on black Friday. • Wal-mart attracted 641,281 new fans. • Amazon attracted 63,357 new fans. 7. 40% of US Twitter conversations on black Friday were about black Friday deals. 15% discussions were carried out in California, 8% Texas, 7% Newyork and 6% Florida 8. Brands developed a responsive and mobile friendly website to cash the customers from social media. They also employed robust check out system which handled the outburst of customers effectively. 9. They offered comparison of various products in terms of features and price. 10. Special Coupons were introduced by these brands for their online portals. 11. Almost all of them offered free

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