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Throughout his many movies we can see that Tim Burtons style is very unique. Directors styles make them unique and no style is quite the same. Burton isn’t like any other director in the way he takes his characters and backgrounds and makes them seem real. He has a dark personality, detailed backgrounds, good characters and lots of creativity. These help to make up his unique style. This style is apparent in all of his movies and is what makes tim burton such a good director. (For point of reference Chocolate Factory is short for Charlie in the chocolate factory because that is a long name to type out all the time). Tim Burton’s dark personality comes through in all of his work. This can be traced back to his original work, Vincent. He…show more content…
He often uses the same set of actors, gives actors parts based on their personality, and give their characters the same or similar personalities of other characters in other movies. A good example is Johnny Depp, who is in all 3 movies. He has a weird and kind of crazy personality, which fits perfectly with the characters he plays. This example is a good one because Johnny Depp's personality is seen throughout many of the movies he does. His weird aspect is used in Chocolate Factory as Willy Wonka, who I have to say was weird and funny, and Edward Scissorhands as Edward, who has never been in human contact and is socially weird. His crazy aspect is used in Alice in Wonderland as the Mad Hatter, who is the best crazy, yet nice portraying of him I have ever seen. This part of his style goes along with his backgrounds. Just like he re-uses actors, he sometimes re-uses backgrounds, such as the mansion in Edward Scissorhands being the same mansion used in tim burton's batman movies as ayne manor. Throughout his movies you can see similarities between characters personalities, backgrounds, and actors. This is a big part of Tim Burton's style because it highlights his characters personalities and gives them an effect that makes them feel like they are real people and not just actors on a movie…show more content…
That influence is apparent in many of his movies. In fact, his dark personality is what people associate most with when they think of Tim Burton's style. All 3 of these parts go hand in hand with his creativity. Possibly burton's greatest creative work was Vincent. Vincent was the first work he ever did. It had many of his movie ideas in and his creativity flourished. He also had the same kind of animated style later on in movies like frankenweenie and the corpse bride, which further proves his creativity in this short film. Over all creativity is a big part of tim burton and the other 3 parts wouldn’t go well together if it were not for his

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