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4.2 Internal environment of Huawei Through analyzing the internal environment of Huawei, the strengths and weakness of Huawei can be reached. The strengths and weakness of Huawei would be presented in 4.21 and 4.22. 4.21 Strength Huawei has a strong competence in telecom network building. Huawei has transferred from current wireless R&D operations to a larger, with more advanced facility that will focus on developing wireless system design, industry standards, software, hardware, and Algorithm. Huawei’s innovation center in Shanghai pay more attention in strengthening its global R&D capabilities in LTE and other wireless technologies, where 90 percent of 10,000 employee are dedicated to R&D. (Huawei's R&D Operations in Shanghai Transfer to…show more content…
The great investment in R&D of telecom network contributes to a great reputation in network construction. It wins a pretty great amount of loyal consumers, since because Huawei makes its network such an amazing success, when it comes to a telecom network decision, Huawei will immediately come to people’s mind, it is considered as the upmost device in network. In network field, it is only Huawei to make such a marvelous reputation. And since Huawei possesses such a great resource, Huawei should had taken good advantage of the consumers’ loyalty in mobile market, so as to extent its smart phone market share by this opportunity. Huawei lower its technical expertise cost due to the innovation center in Shanghai. What’s more, as mentioned above, Huawei has stationed an innovation center in Shanghai, it has more advantages than other rivalries due to the R&D total cost in this industry going higher and higher, the expertise intensive innovation center is believed to lower Huawei’s operational cost, compared to globally international rivalries, Huawei has such prevailing resource than the…show more content…
As a result, we can see obviously there is a large blank margin in smartphone field which is lack of sufficient financial and technological investment. While mobile phone’s technology is changing in much greater speed and has a huger impact in global market. Compared with Huawei’s mobile phone with its rivalry’s, let us take Xiaomi as an example, in recent years, Xiaomi has committed to drive R&D department to develop more attractive smartphone so that inspires fierce loyalty of many consumers. With the effort of R&D in Xiaomi, it designed a series of multiple-functional smartphone to attract consumers, with a similar iPhone designed and attractive price. Not surprisingly we can see Xiaomi’s smartphone is also growing rapidly in global market. The R&D has played an important role in Xiaomi’s success. R&D department is as a strength competence in the organizations, while Huawei’s mobile phone market pay less attention, results in Huawei’s mobile phone market is driven in the edge of knocking out. Now one of the challenges the Huawei is facing is to enhance its capability in mobile phone’s R&D enhancement. While solely focus on telecoms technology is far not enough, which is already prevailing over telecoms

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