Personal Narrative Essay: My Personal Experience With Fishing

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I’m going to write about my personal experience with fishing. My first time fishing was a fun one, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what a hook was from a weight. I had no idea how to even cast a pole. But now I have a personal record for myself with a 6lb 5oz Largemouth Bass. Now…well I wouldn’t say I know everything about fishing but I know a good amount. And it took a lot of practice to learn some things. But, now after watching probably 100 YouTube videos of learning how to fish I know quite a bit. I still remember the first time I went fishing with my dad. He caught 10 fish and I didn’t catch any. We went to Mc.Donalds after and he told me “Watch YouTube videos on how to fish.” And I did and the next day when we went fishing I caught a…show more content…
Although, this was 2 years ago and now every time we go fishing I catch at least 2 to 3 fish. I went to Tennessee last summer (that’s where I’m from) and me and my friend went fishing and I beat him 7 fish and he had 0 and he got mad and threw his pole in the water and got a hook stuck in the back of his head. We immediately called his parents and took him to an Urgent Care Clinic, and it just so happens that the one we went to my mom worked at so I stayed with her in her office. My friend said he wanted me in the room with him because he was scared. After we were done there we went back to fishing and again he didn’t catch a fish neither did I but we had a fun time. While, I stayed the night with him and at exactly 1:41 PM we snuck out the house and snuck into a pond. We were fishing and then someone pulled up so I whistled and he ran towards me and I told him stay down, the guy shined his lights and seen us, we had to run all the way back home about 1 mile and a half. We lost the guy after about 50 yards he was an older guy maybe 62. Then we went back to his house and laughed for about 10 minutes about how we almost got

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