Literature Review On Online Buying Behavior

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REVIEW OF LITERATURE The study of Online Buying Behaviour has been one of the major research agendas in both Marketing Sciences and Information Systems with the rapidly growing e-business. Out of the many researches in the aforesaid related area, some of the pertinent literature related to this study is discussed here. (Sinha, 2010), in his study carried out in India implied that Socio-psychological factors and infrastructure have been found influential factors while the perceived risk surprisingly was not significant as a whole but at gender level there was significant difference between the online behaviour of male and female due to risk perception. (P.UshaVaidehi, 2014) it was revealed that male students are more interested in purchasing…show more content…
The demographic variables internet usage, employment status, and car access had significant influence on students’ attitude toward online shopping for apparel products. Students who browsed the internet on a more frequent basis had a more favourable attitude toward shopping online for apparel products than those who browsed the internet less frequently. Also, students past online shopping experiences were shown to have significant influence on their attitudes toward online shopping for apparel…show more content…
The multiple regression analysis demonstrated the most significant determinants of consumers’ attitudes towards online shopping. The results indicated that utilitarian orientation, convenience, price, and a wider selection influenced consumers’ attitudes towards online shopping. Therefore, e-retailers should emphasize a more user friendly function in order to provide utilitarian customers a way to find what they need efficiently. ( (Delafrooz, 2009)), found that the level of online shopping intention was relatively high and direction of attitude towards online shopping was positive among the postgraduate students. Moreover, it was found that utilitarian orientation and hedonic orientation, perceived benefits and demographic characteristics (gender, age, and income) were significantly and positively correlated with the attitude towards online shopping. In addition, the result revealed that the perceived behavioural control and attitude were significantly and positively correlated with online shopping

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