Factors Influencing Online Shopping

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In the domain of consumer internet behavior, the current literature is predominantly concentrated in the factors affecting the consumers’ willingness to shop on the internet. Consumers’ attitude towards web-based shopping is predictive of online consumer behavior and their purchase decision. Based on an open-ended survey of 220 shoppers, (Jarvenpaa & Todd, n.d.) identified the salient factors, through customer-centered view, affecting the attitude towards online shopping. They proposed a model including several indicators, belonging to four main shopping factors which are mentioned below: • Product perception consists of price, variety and product quality. • Shopping experience is a combination of effort, compatibility and playfulness. • Customer…show more content…
And two individual difference variables; the level of product involvement and online shopping experience, modify the degree of relationship between each of those factors and attitude toward retail website. Personality and attributes of the customer have also been considered as influencing factor in customers’ attitude towards online shopping. (Goldsmith, 2002) developed and empirically tested a model wherein online buying and buying intension were explained by three constructs; consumers’ general innovativeness, their internet innovativeness and their internet involvement. Customers’ perception of control and their perception of enjoyment are determining factor of their intension to purchase and their intention to return (Koufaris et al., n.d.). Li et al The Impact of Perceived Channel…show more content…
Instead of serving a purely aesthetic function, it motions online searchers that a firm’s ability can be trusted, which was found to be the most significant driver in searchers’ online purchase intention. With the assumption that website design is critical in Internet shopping, (Wolfinbarger & Gilly, 2002) developed a reliable and valid scale for the measurement of online quality. The analysis suggested that four factors (website design, reliability, privacy/security, customer service) are strongly predictive of customer judgments of quality and satisfaction, customer loyalty and attitude towards the website. Also, they found that website design was an important issue in customer

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