Christmas Holiday Analysis

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The World's Top Christmas Destinations: Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year. To celebrate the Christmas, the whole World becomes illuminated with tons of light and people all over the World feel the groove of the festive period. With the long two weeks of the holiday it is the best time to travel. Planning a holiday could be a difficult job, but here is the list of best cities to visit on Christmas. New York: New York is the most glamorous destination to spend the Christmas. Rockefeller Center in New York is the main attraction, when it comes to celebrating Christmas. The famous Ice Rink, which is World’s tallest Christmas tree, is the 79 years old and the annual tree lighting ceremony is the 84-years old tradition. While…show more content…
Have a unique living experience at Arctic Snow Hotel, which is completely made of snow and ice. London, England: The streets and malls of London sparkle in the glowing lights during the month of December, which set the tone unforgettable shopping experience. The illuminating London eye on the South bank of the River Thames takes the visitors to another World. Nuremberg, Germany: When we talk about the Christmas the first thought that struck the mind is to go on endless shopping spree. The Nurnberger Christkindlesmarkt (Nuremberg Christmas market) offers one of the best shopping experience, and it attracts more than 2 million visitors each year. The 180 stalls at Christkindlesmarkt provide gingerbread, proffer toys, candles, sweets, trinkets and mulled wine for adults. German Railway Museum is the must visit place for everyone and for kids Toy Museum is the place to be. Australia: Join the Aussie Christmas BBQ to feast yourself with traditional food and cuisines that include Pawns, beer and pavlova. Then jump straight into the ocean and let it go. Dublin,…show more content…
The City of the Tokyo dazzles with lights and decorations on the Christmas Eve, which fills the air with the feel of festivity and romance. Well talking about the food delights, starting with the fried chicken and sponge cake topped with cream and strawberries in the dessert. Strasbourg, France Founded in 1570, Strasbourg holds the historical significance in the Alsatian Christmases. The prominent and well known “Christkindelsmärik” is the oldest market in France. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is one of the best Christmas marketplaces in the Europe, while the Children World is located in Place Saint Thomas is the must visit place for families. With Strasbourg has the rich historical connection with Christianity, series of themed Christmas villages are the marvels for eyes. While Strasbourg's Christmas program has hosts of concerts and cultural events on the occasion to offer. How to book cheap flights to the World's Top Christmas Destinations With there is a lot of time to plan your Christmas holiday, we are willing to help you to choose the best location for this

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