Descriptive Essay About My Favorite Car

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Skrrt, Skrrt, cars everywhere, people are racing and flexing their whip. As I get out of my cousin’s FRS, I see many groups pull up on the side. I think to myself “Oh my, aye, that’s insane”, from stance cars to sleepers you get a variety of everything. Looking out to spot my one of my favorite cars, a Lancer Evolution enters from nowhere and makes me turn my head from one side to the other. Here everybody creates their own unique entrance with style on their car and it ranges from wheels, to engines, and exhaust pipes. The smell of gasoline and excitement fills the air for car lovers everywhere. Knowing only which cars I like, I did not really care too much about the details inside the car since if it looked good on the outside, then the inside can be crap all that I care. Arriving is the start of this great learning…show more content…
Welcome to Woodward, my first car meet. Strolling around I look across the street there are people observing vehicles, racing, and just having fun friendly car chats. First of all, after arriving at the car meet I walk around to inspect cars because I am interested in trying to find my favorite cars: a Lancer Evolution; Honda S2000; and a Subaru WRX STI; which I then see a couple of cars down an Subaru WRX STI beginning to rev his engine in order to show off his car and has everybody breaking their necks, turning their heads as fast as possible to see what is so loud. Hearing the exhaust boom, I begin to feel a pump of adrenaline because of the loud ear-killing-exhaust-pipe. I enjoy loud sounds. As I walk around and I look down the row, I see cars in parking stalls

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