The Importance Of Discipline In The Workplace

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Discipline in workplace in a set of rule and conditions that imposed on employees by management in order to prevent behaviours that are detrimental to an organization. Each organization has necessary to instil a discipline program in order to move forward. An effective discipline program can help to improve performance in workplace and provide a honest and safe environment (Mooney, 2014). A disciplined working environment helps both management and employees on their best behaviour. Furthermore, organization that tied to discipline program are expected to produce quality output. In general, sustainable organization usually sets an acceptable rule for both management and employees to follow. Despite of this, there are many employees refuse…show more content…
Code of conduct Employer hired employees for help them to create profit and help organization to save money. Every employer has different expectation of employees. Employer is usually expecting employees who are dependable, trustworthy, self-motivated, team player and positive attitude (Ross, 2012). In order to fulfil the gap of expectation, organization should implementing a code of conduct in the workplace which involves of communicating the policies, guidelines and employees handbook to all employees and providing necessary training which to ensure they understand the code. Although many organizations have provided code of conduct for employees to follow, there still some employees ignore of the rule. There are some way that employer can do with dealing the ‘problem’ employees (Smith, 2012) . Employer can discuss the situation with the employees and given a chance for employees to voice out their complaint. Secondly, employer can conduct team building workshop. Through the program are expected to reduce the conduct and improving communication between employees. If above ways are fails to ‘frightened’ the employees to discipline ownself, there is the time employer consider…show more content…
Poor Fit - is the kinds that seem impressive during recruitment process but failed to meet the expectations when hired. 2. Disappearing Act - practices frequent absenteeism at work. They might not be behaving this way in the initial period of employment. It may happen months or years after employment, mainly caused by demotivation. 3. The Scofflaw is an employee who neglects the company’s policy, rules and regulations. A Human Resource profession, McKelvy (2011) supports the statement by stating that the group function in their own way and this will lead to other coworkers feeling cheated or injustice. 4. The Sour Apple which has high influencing powers to manipulate employers, colleagues or persuading colleagues to act the same way. 5. The Filcher is when an employee has an intention to cheat or secretly work for another firm in order to generate discrete information from the employed firm. Ways to prevent severe issues arising in a working environment by Alexander Hamilton Institute (2012) 1. Self-observing daily routines and environment. Employers should investigate about the staff if suspicious environment arise or if an issue occurred 2. Do not depend on a single source of information and do not make assumptions and quick conclusions prior adequate

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