Azura Chemical Case Study

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Accidents at work are sometimes caused by a complex combination of unsafe employee behavior and unsafe working conditions. Several factors contribute to the complexity of managing safety in the workplaces. These factors include effects of some industrial diseases don't show up for years, employers may cover up a health or safety problem before the inspector arrives, employers may fail to monitor or disclose health risks and employees may fail to follow safety practices at the workplaces or engage in dangerous behavior while at work. The report will attempt to identify a real world issue that is related to occupational health and safety performance measurement and the theoretical relation that the issue contributes to further studies in…show more content…
The company administered the policy via its policy deployment process by scheduling monthly communication meeting with staff and the Managing Director of the company took the personal responsibility to communicate the company policy. Amongst the company’s internal policies on occupational safety and health management include the following 3 internal factors: 1. Current OSH Policy 2. Feedback from Internal Audit and Management review meeting. 3. Organisational OSH cultures. The Feedback from Internal Audit and Management review meeting was to put in place corrective and preventive actions plan and monitor the effectiveness of the current and new control measures put in place. It also act as a continuous improvement cycle to continually improve its Safety and Health objectives by review and making changes to its policy statement and objectives. They achieved this through their bi-yearly internal audit and 6 monthly management review meeting chair by their Managing Director. 3.2.1 Organisational OSH

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