Swot Analysis Of Alman Air Company

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Smart target Smart work tools are used in Oman Air Company to work for the benefit of the target group is actually. Judgment on the target, according to how smart they are means testing how those are focused goal SMART targets of Oman Air Company S = Specific - The aim should be to focus not be vague. M= Measurable - This should include the goal is something that can be measured A= Achievable - If employees do not think they can achieve targets they will be demotivated. T= Time- bound - Objective must have an end so that can measure the success. It can be used to give employees working group and to achieve the levels of sales. Oman Air Company measure and review dates need to be included in the planning for smart goal so…show more content…
Mentor is the person who try to pass all their knowledge, experience and skills to the mentee to others. Moreover Oman Air Company have mentors to employees who have weakness and not exactly really fast in doing things such as using computers quickly, and having weakness to communicate with customers, and customer service while giving the correct information.  Monitoring- This is the process of making sure that the employee is making progress. It is usually the official (where the employee's manager achieved in a clear way) or informal (where they make more of separate provisions). Managers in Oman Air Company they make more discrete judgments in the workplace about how employee fit or if employees are having some kind problem.  Buddying- buddying in the workplace when an employee is usually new to the business or the company, he / she is supported by experienced employees or other establishment is with companion. Oman Air Company have employees who join the newly work, when they join the work and do not know anyone will stay quiet most time because you never know what people are like, if they were friendly or…show more content…
There are many benefits why every business must be followed by the performance management process towards its employees. Staff performance measurement is a key strategy for achieving organizational success. By keeping a systematic evaluation of a fair and consistent, managers can determine where about of the shortcomings, and identify strong staff for promotion, development and increases in award salaries and bonuses quantifiable manner. In an effective organization there is a fundamental aspect to take under consideration, such as communications, growth and expansion, and complete the task and to provide the company's plan and goals. These are all critical when developing profit organization in Oman Air.Once you have established this is the time to start thinking about employee performance management. Importance of measuring and managing employee’s performance in Oman Air Company; Measuring employee

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