Bruce Tuckman's Theory

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A staff team who can work co-operatively and communicate well with one another can create a strong beneficial and positive workforce. Bithel,B.Parton,N.Watkins,B. (2012, p,32) details that Bruce Tuckman developed a theory which he believes describes the process in which any staff team has to go through in order to develop an effective work environment. Tuckman demonstrates this theory through Stages of Team Development; Forming- At this stage staff are coming together for the first time and may have uncertainties about others in the group at this point individuals in the group can feel they will work better alone and certain individuals may be too opinionated and dominate the group resulting in conflict. Storming- Individual that are dominating the group can at this stage be challenged, discussions can be heated as the group endeavors to progress and establish roles within the team. Norming- People in the group are beginning to accept each other and are willing to explore the views of others and that of their leader…show more content…
In line with the SSSC Codes of Practice (2009) which details the role of a Social Service worker stating that all staff must be accountable for the quality of their work, highlighting the importance of ensuring that all staff involved in the care of an individual communicate effectively ensuring their own safety and that of the individual. When a staff team works well together it allows individuals within their care and their families to feel confident in the service being provided to them as it is important that they feel everyone is working together and including them in the planning of their

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