Importance Of Employee Discipline

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Employee Discipline Discipline is a procedure that corrects a subordinate because a rule has been violated. It refers to a condition in the organisation where employees conduct themselves in accordance with the organisation’s rules and standards of acceptable behaviour. Being a vital part of the organisation, it helps to promote efficiency in the workplace, encourage fairness, control problematic behaviour among employees, upholds the workplace standards and ensure a secure workplace environment. It has been brought upon by an anonymous individual that one of the employees in YMJ leaked out confidential customers’ data to the competitors. This can be seen from, “At the same time, Sharon also received an anonymous letter reporting that one…show more content…
It provides an illustration of how disciplinary action should be imposed on the employees. This rule draws an analogy between touching a hot stove and being disciplined. Firstly, discipline should be immediate and directed against the act to prevent it from recurring. Besides that, discipline should provide advance warning whereby employees of YMJ are well informed about the rules and guideline in the organisation. On top of that, a consistent punishment should be metered out to the employees who commit the same misconduct. Lastly, disciplinary actions against the employees should be done in an impersonal manner without any favouritism or…show more content…
Firstly, YMJ should consider the frequency of the offences committed. This is the number of occurrence that the offence is committed over a period of time. Based on Annabel’s past records, she received three warning letters on 30 June 2014, 11 December 2015 and 13 June 2016 for being tardy in her performance, disrespecting her supervisor and sending out customer data by mistake respectively. This shows that she has committed various offences during her tenure in YMJ and she should be dismissed immediately for her fourth major offence committed this time round. Besides that, YMJ should consider is the degree of socialisation. It is the extent to which the management has made an earlier effort to educate the employee responsible for causing the problem about the existing rules and procedures and the consequences that they may face in the organisation's standards of an acceptable behaviour. Since Annabel is fully aware of the rules and regulations in YMJ, her punishment should be more severe as she is more socialised to the organisation. YMJ should initiate an inquiry to determine if Annabel is guilty of

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