The Pros And Cons Of Edward Snowden

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With Edward Snowden having released confidential information to the media, which unintentionally released to the public, we now have to question whether this is ethically correct. Even though his intention is to raise awareness of what NSA have been doing till date, we think that this should not be the way to inform the public. If we put ourselves in Edward Snowden’s shoes, with all the confidential information that we have on our hands right now, we will be thinking “Who controls the people in control? Or rather, who watches the watchmen?” However, people have created and implemented systems that controls the controllers. They can go to court and prosecute any person who is adversely affected or aggrieved by an action of an administrative agency that they believe is unlawful. Through his actions, he did influence the government to form changes to the law. For example, the USA Freedom Act, which included limits on the bulk collection of telecommunication data on U.S. citizens by American intelligence agencies. However, we are convinced that that part of the actions done by the government to protect the citizen from terror attack are needed, for example, intercepting of conversations which led to the capture of Abbottabad of Muhammad Tahir…show more content…
And you had the resources available to stop this person even if it meant using lethal force. What would you do?’ Some of our classmates contemplated a short while before voted ‘yes’ to using lethal force against the person. Majority given answers such as ‘if what I did was considered as corruption, I’ll take him down, definitely with lethal force’. Even though it is immoral to do so, for personal self-interest, it seems like most will protect themselves through violent means if

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