Romeo And Juliet Sonet Plot Summary

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Romeo and Juliet In the beginning of the sonet the montague and capulet servants start to fight because a Capulet servant bit his thumb at montague servant. Benvolio rushes to the fight and pulls his sword to try and stop the stupid fight. Tybalt also comes running up and thinks Benvolio is trying to brawl, tybalt's hot headed self starts a argument with him and then they brawl. Lord and Lady montague and also prince escalus come and stop the fight. The prince then told everyone in a very long speech about whoever starts the next war between the montagues and capulets will not live to see another day. After everything cools down Benvolio finds Romeo and is determined to find out what had been bothering him. Romeo tells him that Rosaline is the love of his life and can not live without her.…show more content…
Lord Capulet makes his rounds and says hello to everyone. From across the room Romeo spots Juliet for the first time and is absolutely astonished. He has never seen anyone so beautiful. Rosalind is immediately thrown from his mind and states to himself that he has never been in love till this moment. While Tybalt is walking around the festival he recognizes Romeo's voice and as fast as he could tells a servant that we have a montague here and he needs to be removed. Although he wasn't fast enough because Lord Capulet told tybalt that Romeo is welcome here because he is very famous in Verona. During all this Romeo approaches Juliet and touches her by the hand. Romeo went on and flirted with Juliet and complimented her. He then kissed her and Juliet kissed him again. After their last kiss the crazy nurse arrives and told Juliet her mother needed to talk to her. Romeo out of curiosity asked the nurse who Juliet's mother was and he was then devastated because he knew he could not marry Lord and Lady Capulet's daughter because he was a montague. Juliet felt the same way when she found out she loved a

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