Self Directed Person Essay

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(, n.d) refers to direct as to “to manage or guide by advice, helpful information, instruction, etc”. A self directed person therefore, is someone who takes an initiative on his day to day activities, with influence from outside factors playing a minimal role in his activities. They guide their own steps and are not dependant on help from other people to facilitate their steps. A student who is a Self – directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner is able to: Plan on his own what he wants to study, plan effectively when to study, what they want to achieve from their studies and be able to monitor the progress of the same. These students should be able to gather morale from anticipated challenges in their learning while achieving…show more content…
Recognizing the potential hardships- I personally had to travel to get myself a job since I could not secure a good one back at home. However, that being said, I believe in order to improve as a person, be it financially, education wise or on a general personal level, one has to undergo difficulties. What matters at the end of the day is whether or not, the aftermath of the difficulties one undergoes, pays or not. One hopes it does, but even if it doesn’t ,most people who made it never quit because of failures. 6. Recording of both achievements and failures-I would record achievements such as making it to the Uopeople presidential list or ranking a high grade point average. Failing on an assignment, or failure to finish an assignment on time will also be some of the failures recorded. 7. Reviewing my steps- I do believe that pausing a bit from time to time and assessing how far I have gone, retracing my steps and taking corrective actions if needed, will go a long way in ensuring that my personal development plan works. In Evaluation of my plan, I would use the recorded achievements and failures and measure against the time period I had specified for the achievement of my initial targets. If the targets aren’t close to be achieved and a huge amount of the time allocated has passed, I will know I have to make huge adjustments. Also if there are more failures than achievements, it would show that a big change of strategies in place in
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