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Lately, the issue of occupational safety and health has become a major aspect to each of the management in each organization. The issue of employees receiving treatment as a result of injuries in the workplace increased lately. It is caused by a lack of emphasis on the importance of safety and health in the work becomes the main factor. The idea of Occupational Safety and Health has gained the most attention, and many firms have implemented systems and processes to support an organization to protect, safe, and management of risk. Where, occupational safety and health is a mechanism that must be applied in workplace in order to decreases hazard. As we know, in the workplace, the worker faces to the hazard. So, the workers have probability to…show more content…
Occupational health can from the literature of Abdullah et al (2009) can be described as a sound state of the body and mind of people from illness resulting from the materials, processes or procedures used in the workplace, whiles occupational safety is the protection of people from physical injury. According to Nutbeam, 1990, the Occupational health and safety defined Health is a positive concept that includes social and personal resources as well as physical capabilities. Based on this definition, it summarizes that, occupational safety and health is a protection to the worker in order to finish up their work in the workplace and free from the injuries or losses. Where, not only directed to the body injury but it includes the financial loss. As we know, in financial also have their own…show more content…
In fact the question of workplace safety is the main role of the management to ensure secure and work system was kept away by workers risk danger. For the example of the real situation, where it occur in U.S.A. injured employees had to litigate to obtain compensation for their injuries. The cost of doing so effectively in prevented employees from going to court. But, under common law, if the employee already knew of the hazards the job entailed or if the injuries were brought about as a result of the negligence of the employee or a co-worker, the employer was not liable to pay compensation for their injuries. It is because, when the injuries happen, it will affect the worker productivity in the workplace. Injuries in the workplace not a small percentage, but review the statistics show that accident in workplace increases monthly. It show that awareness and safety in the workplace less ignored. So, every worker must take responsibility to know the basic thing about the occupational health due to it most important in doing the job. Occupational health (OH) state that it is a branch of health services specifically concerned with health, safety and welfare of workers of all categories. That mean, all workers in the workplace or any industry must be concern with their health, safety in the workplace. Top management responsibility

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