The Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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During my clinical, I came across with 27 years old female patient diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. She was a teacher by profession and she diagnosed her illness in the month of January’2014. She left her all passion of teaching and hobbies after she heard about the disease. She verbalized that after her diagnosis she felt loneliness and having decreased pleasure of doing activities. She does not take part in any activity, not engage with others and always remain in her room all alone. When I tried to explore the reason of isolation, she said that I don’t like to do activities or any work I feel tired. Patient does not have anyone to motivate her and to talk with her to ventilate her feelings. Due to all these factors she tried to take mospil…show more content…
106). Motivation refers to reasons that underlie behavior that is characterized by willingness and volition. (L.emily, 2011). Motivation can be explained as a goal-directed behavior by which a person can perform different activities. It is the willingness of someone to act in a particular way. However communication is significant in motivating a person throughout disease process. It is an exchange of information and ideas to interact with people. Good communication is acknowledged as the cornerstone of nursing and is essential to the delivery of effective patient care. (Gill & Duffy, 2010). In hospital setting we always see the patient and their family throughout with cancer journey and monitor their stress level and their coping mechanism. We as nurses should provide psychosocial care to them as a part of nursing care. To provide holistic care nurses communication is very important which provides help in the treatment of patient and therapeutic communication helps to manage their cancer…show more content…
In my patient there was a fear of death and due to which she was less confident and unable to fight with illness. She has a firm believe that she does not have control over her life and she stated “I do not have control over my life, I had my aim for further studies in teaching but I cannot do it as I know I will die any time soon”. Patient is having lack of motivation and motivational power. Williams and Patrick (2012) explained self-determination theory and they said it is a general theory of human motivation that emphasis the extent to which behaviors is relatively autonomous versus relatively controlled. It is a psychological energy directed at a particular goal. It has two types i.e. Extrinsic motivation is something outside the person that energize behavior (money, fame , power) and Intrinsic motivation is something within the person that energizes behavior (interest, curiosity, personal challenge and improvement).patient lacks intrinsic motivation because a key to motivation is self-awareness, or having an understanding of the person you are. Patient lack of knowing herself as she was pre occupied with her illness. Lack of Extrinsic motivation was identified as it based on a system of reward or punishment. It is not sustainable because without it motivation goes out of window; Need to increase the level of reward or

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