Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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rite down your original goal from CCC Part 1E. • My goal is to start a conversation with strangers. 4A2. Write down what you think your updated goal for this project should be now. It may be the same, slightly modified or totally different from Part 1E. For example: • At this moment I don’t think my main goal should be modified. Learning how to initiate a conversation with someone I don’t is essential for two reasons. Communication is an important factor to be able to do as a nurse. Throughout my career I will be talking to new patients, their family members, and other workers in the health field. The second reason is because I want to be comfortable to start a conversation with strangers. I need to enhance my skills with asking open end questions…show more content…
• A way a person may know that they achieved their goal is by being in the position of the situation and completing a certain task. I will know when I achieved my goal when I introduce myself to someone I don’t know. I ask open end questions and there is a dialogue between me and the other person. 4B 2. Given a room full of people, what is the basis on which I will separate them into two classes: Those who have achieved the goal and those who have not? • The two types of classes that I will separate individuals are: people that are making eye contact and people are trying to make no eye contact. 4B 3. How will I recognize and measure goal achievement when I see it? • I will recognize and measure my goal noticing the numbers of people I initiate a conversation with increasing. When it comes natural for me to be able to talk to a person I don’t know. In addition, when close people around notice that I’m be more sociable. Since they always tell me that I look unapproachable and not affable. 4C. Now, describe each behavior. Do this in a statement that identifies the manner (or extent) of the behavior that is required to achieve the goal. For…show more content…
Practicing in the mirror to look happy than looking bothered or contempt. Adjusting my body language when I’m around people. Most of the times I do sit up straight. However, I am guilty of appearing to look bored my arms might be crossed. If I’m sitting in front of a table my elbow maybe on the desk and that hand will be resting under my chin. Moreover, I will not make eye contact. I am aware that I should position myself facing the person, stand or sit without crossing my arms, and make eye contact in order to show interest with talking to someone. When I’m in class I have a habit with only communicating with the professor and with students if we have to do a group assignment. I will start to communicate with other students. I will also sign up to volunteer at food drives this year. I can prepare myself to build my confidence to interact with workers and whoever that comes to the food drive. I am going to network and attend events dealing with the health field. I don’t have a specific amount of people that I want to talk to. The more conversation that is initiated the

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