Dementia Literature Review

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Assignment Title HOW TO IMPROVE THE END OF LIFE CARE OF PATIENTS WITH DEMENTIA LIVING IN THE NURSING HOME Contents Introduction Literature search strategy Literature review Conclusions Reference list Introduction World Health Organization defines "Dementia is a syndrome – usually of a chronic or progressive nature – in which there is deterioration in cognitive function beyond what might be expected from normal ageing. It affects memory, thinking, orientation, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgement. Consciousness is not affected" (WHO Geneva). According to The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (source: 2011 census), there are currently more than 48.000 people in Ireland living with dementia. It is estimated that…show more content…
(2015) the importance of the actual place of resident's dwelling. The design of environment is necessary to promote good quality of life. Marshall et al. (1998) cited by Fleming et al. (2015) outlines the guidelines for design of building that meets requirement for care of people with dementia, which include: compensate for disability, maximises the independence, supports dignity and confidence, be familiar, increases personal self-consciousness, be open to family and friends, promotes helpful stimuli. Dementia friendly Home should maintain independence and happiness through commitment. (Davis et al.2009) cited by Fleming et al. (2015). Residents would like to feel like home, to have an opportunity to have personal belongings, pictures, furniture in direct surroundings etc. The importance of implementing a calm environment, residents do not like noise, an overwhelming visual stimulation, instead they prefer calm music, quiet room, but also for them is interaction with a community they live in. Possibility to go outside, have contact with nature, access to the spiritual needs depended on their beliefs. Staff should respect resident's autonomy and choice of their daily activities and routines and to treat the person as individual and unique being. Fleming et al. (2015) also highlight the different point of view of the home care practitioners. They mostly expressed opinions of preference of Home being more hospital oriented environment mostly to understaffing and underfunding of nursing homes for people near the end of life

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