Four Metaparadigms In Research

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Tourville and Ingalls (2003) visually depict nursing theories, Florence Nightingale and the four metaparadigms in The Living Tree of Nursing Theories. Nurse, person, environment, and health, referred to as the four metaparadigms, are the roots of the tree. Florence Nightingale is depicted as the trunk of the tree because she is viewed as the original nurse theorist and the branches symbolize the interactive, systems and developmental theories (Tourville & Ingalls, 2003). The following essay incorporates the four metaparadigms, nursing theories and nursing theorist to create my personal philosophy of nursing administration. Definition and Value Roots of The Tree: Nurse, Person, Environment and Health Nurse. Since Florence Nightingale’s time,…show more content…
I believe the nursing background of an individual influences the nursing theory they identify with most. Given the majority of my nursing career has been in emergency nursing, I gravitate towards the systems model. As an Emergency Department nurse, my job was to figure out what subsystem (stressor) was interacting and influencing the main system (the human body) (Tourville & Ingalls,…show more content…
While a nurse leader cannot change the physical aspects of an environment such as location or size, he or she can create a work area that is comfortable, enjoyable and promotes productivity. A pleasurable work area has been shown to increase job satisfaction and possibly job performance (Borkowski, 2011). Proper job design is equally as important. According to MFL Occupational Health Centre (2000), giving workers a say in how they do their job, allowing social interaction and clearly outlining jobs and responsibilities can reduce job stress (as cited in Borkowski,

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