The Temple Of Cures Short Story

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By: Abhinav The Temple of cures Book 1 : The Temple’s Doom Once upon a time, there was a brother and sister named John and Claresse Gaunt. They lived in New York. They were what their parents called special kids. John had an illness that no doctor has ever encountered. There was no cure. “This is what I was afraid of.” sighed Mrs. Gaunt “What do you mean”, asked Claresse “I mean your brother has an incurable disease”, said Mrs. Gaunt. “Which is the same disease which killed . . . .” Mr. Gaunt died from a disease that no doctor ever heard of. Mr. gaunt’s death was a very soft subject between Mrs. Gaunt and the children. * * * The next day Claresse went to her mother and said: “Mom, have you ever heard of the temple of cures?”. “What are you talking about?”,asked Mrs. Gaunt curiously. The temple of cures, it’s a temple that people go to in Egypt since they…show more content…
The bridge on the other hand, was hard to find. It was broken but he found the hieroglyphics from the map carved into the broken part of the bridge. “ Wow, this is great, but what do all these signs mean?”, thought John. “It doesn't matter because I’m almost to the cures, but I’ll take them just in case”. So John goes on. After a few hours, John arrived at the “Cave of Cures”. Just then, he heard marching. “Oh no, Buck’s army is already” said John, worried. “ My dear friends, I shall go inside the cave of cures but if I yell for help you come inside and save me. Do you understand?”! Shouted Buck “ Yes Sir”, chanted the army. That gave John a plan. He ran through the bushes into the cave of cures and started to make a trap. Meanwhile, Buck packed a rope and shield getting ready to enter the cave. He walked inside at the same time John finished the trap. John got out his bandana, jumped on Buck. He stuffed the bandana in Buck’s mouth and pushed him into the well. There was a splash! “mmmmmhh”, mumbled Buck from the

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